Future of Healthcare

The Future of Healthcare

At CliniCast, we like to think about where healthcare is going. Jack even gave a talk on the subject a few months ago:

A brief summary for the time-pressed:

By any measure, the US healthcare system is simply unsustainable . The inexorable growth in the cost of care means that healthcare eats an ever growing fraction of the nation’s wealth, becoming increasingly unaffordable to the majority of Americans. While the Affordable Care Act presents a first step forward, there is much left to improve.

At CliniCast, we believe that the shift in financial risk from payers to providers presents an opportunity to be smarter about patient care. Health IT can help providers better communicate, coordinate care and share information. This is about building a better overall system rather than individual therapies (like drugs).

How might healthcare change in the future:

    • More Standardization. Interoperable standards will lead to more innovation solutions around analytics, billing, visualization and services. Like with PCs, the underlying platform will matter less and less.
    • Quantification of Risk. Providers will start using tools like individualized risk scores to prioritize patients, match patients to appropriate interventions, measure the effectiveness of interventions and benchmark performance.
    • Automated Decision-Making. Individualized risk scoring, with standardized business rules will increasingly streamline decision-making. Watson’s work in streamlining preauthorization for Wellpoint is just a first example of this.
    • More clinical extenders. Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, care managers and medical assistants will increasingly take on the duties of care for nurses and physicians. This is a good thing.
    • Inpatient → Ambulatory → Home. For many patients, home presents an ideal setting of care. The falling cost of medical technology and the rising cost of inpatient management makes managing patients at home an increasingly attractive option. The explosion in home health will be one of the “surprises” of the next two decades.


At CliniCast, we always like to think about how data will revolutionize care. If you would like to continue the discussion, please reach out to us at info@clinicast.net



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