ARTO™ Core API v1.0 is released


Release Date: 2013-09-04

ARTO™ helps healthcare providers identify high risk patients, match patients to appropriate interventions, measure intervention effectiveness and benchmark performance.

ARTO™ Core API  is a hosted REST API to access ARTO™ powerful risk and cost predictive models. It provides a simple, secure and robust tool suite that enables providers to manage their patient populations.

This first version of the Core API is released with the support for  the following 4 outcomes:

  1. Risk of Admission in 6 months

  2. Risk of Admission in 12 months

  3. Cost of Care in 6 months

  4. Cost of Care in 12 months

CliniCast continues to add support to new outcomes and develop more powerful and targeted models for each of the outcomes.  Please contact us using the following form to learn about the models that best fit your needs and what you need to use the API.


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