IOM Report : America Needs Affordable, Value-Driven Cancer Delivery System

America’s cancer care system is in crisis, as outlined by the Institute of Medicine’s recent 315-page report. With the aging of America’s baby boomers, the annual cost of cancer management is expected to grow from $145 B today to $225 B in 2020. Without a change in direction, the system will simply not be able to provide quality care to everyone who needs it.

A key component of the IOM report is to incorporate more learning systems into clinical practice and research. Quoting from the summary report:

“A learning health care IT system would enable real-time analysis of data from cancer patients in a variety of care settings to improve knowledge and inform medical decisions. This IT system would collect and analyze data from clinical practice, implement changes to improve care, evaluate the outcomes of these changes, and generate new hypotheses to test and implement.”

At CliniCast, we couldn’t agree more. Data is an underutilized resource in promoting better clinical practice, adapting patient care pathways to account for each patient’s needs and wishes, and identify costly variances in care. No one is served when a patient receives high-resource care without improvement in their outcome or quality of life.

If you would like to learn more about tools that identify variances in oncology care, assess underlying causes, and help patients achieve the Triple Aim of better outcomes, improved quality of care and substantially lower cost, I encourage you to e-mail me at or visit our website: .


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