About CliniCast

Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly accountable for the Triple Aim of patient care: better patient outcomes, improved patient wellbeing, lowering patient cost. Matching the right patient to the right intervention at the right time in this environment is challenging, requiring balancing tradeoffs between resources and outcomes.

At CliniCast, our ARTO suite helps customers thrive in this environment by proactively managing their patients, identifying those patients for whom early interventions can prevent future hospitalizations. By leveraging their data assets for real population management, our customers can better identify their highest risk patients, better match those patients to appropriate interventions, measure ROI based on those interventions, and benchmark staff performance.

ARTO is particularly designed with the care manager in mind, to help him or her streamline workflow and decision-making. By highlighting high risk patients and prioritizing their care gaps, each care manager can deliver better quality care to a larger number of patients.

To learn more about ARTO, please see our video here: http://clinicast.net/video.html

All of us at CliniCast are committed to enabling our customers to deliver better patient health at a lower cost. If you think we could help your organization succeed, please contact us at info@clinicast.net .


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